wxVillaLib is a add-on classes/widgets for wxWindows:
  •   wxImageBox - the widget to display a image with the zoom function
  •   wxThumbnails - the widget to display a series of images (thumbnails)
  •   PropDlg - allow you to simply create dinamic property dialogs
  •   PipeExecute - it's used to execute pipe commands
and other.

It is free software distributed under wxWindows Library Licence.


2008-01-06 wxVillaLib v1.5 released.
Changes: added ExifHandler (uses libexif to load exif information from JPEG files)
2007-11-19 wxVillaLib v1.4 released.
Changes: added support of ffmpeg to render thumbnails of video files added support of wxWidgets 2.8.x
2005-11-08 wxVillaLib v1.3 released.
Changes: renamend PropDlg into wxPropDlg some other small changes
2005-05-27 wxVillaLib v1.2 released.
Changes: Added PropDlg class to simply creation of dinamic property dialogs. Added PipeExecute class. It's used to execute pipe commands.


For example of using this library see DVDStyler


Source code: wxVillaLib-1.5.tar.gz (84K)

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